He Zi is the Chinese diver who has received a marriage proposal during Olympic Games

After the end of the 3-meter springboard at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games there was an unscheduled programme that conquered all romantics.

Shi Tingmao (gold), He Zi (silver) and Tania Cagnotto (bronze), had just climbed out of the awards podium with their medals around her neck when a young Chinese diver approached the three girls.

Qin Kai, 30, a bronze in Rio in synchro three-meter, he took apart his girlfriend, He Zi, and practically in front of the whole world has asked her to marry him.

A mix of emotions for the young Chinese diver: after the race, the medal and the award ceremony has arrived this gigantic surprise. Through her tears, she said yes.

Only a few hours later she realized what had happened and said she was concerned and scared of the thing. She probably did not like the way this spectacular marriage proposal. After all, she was there to compete. Qin Kai said he is an impulsive man, had not planned anything and decided to do it just two days before.

He Zi is an hot Chinese diver, specialising in the 1 meter springboard, 3 meter springboard and 3 meter synchronised dive. She won 2 Silver medals at the Olympic Games and a Gold medal at London 2012 in the Springboard Synchro.

Qin Kai competed for Team China at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. He won the gold metal at Beijing and at London in 3 m synchro, the silver medal at London in 3 m springboard and two bronze medals at Beijing and Rio in 3 m springboard and 3 m synchro.