Hailie Jade Mathers, Alaina Mathers and Whitney Mathers: the Eminem Family

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, Eminem‘s only biological daughter, was born in Detroit December 25, 1995 from the union with Kimberly Anne Scott. The surname of Hailie Scott has since born before marriage between Marshall and Kim: the surname is not been modified from Mathers, although the two are married, and Marshall has obtained a period of time the exclusive custody of Hailie, for reasons of privacy. Hailie has lived most of her life with her mother Kim, unless she was in rehab to detox from drugs, around 2001/2002. Hailie in that period lived for some years with dad. Lately, having the parents joint custody of daughter Hailie lived during the week with the mother, and on the weekend with her father. Today, after graduating in 2014 at Dakota High School in Detroit, she attended Michigan State University, where she lives in the accommodation reserved to students.

Eminem has continually poured out her private life in their own songs, doing increase quotations dedicated to the people who were part of his daily life. Hailie was, together with Kim, and in more or less marked way, a subject present in each her album.

Alaina Mathers is Eminem’s nephew, was adopted in the early years of the decade in 2000 becoming in effect adopted daughter of Marshall. Alaina is the daughter of Kim’s twin sister, Dawn Scott. During the first years of life and Alaina during part of his adolescence, Dawn is in prison for possession and drug dealing. Alaina is practically grew up with Marshall and Kim uncles, now adoptive parents. Alaina, full name Alaina Marie Scott, has a twin brother, Adam, with a disability, as the mother during pregnancy of twins was using drugs. Adam lives with his father, while Alaina now attends Oakland University and lives on her own.

Whitney Mathers, whose full name is Whitney Lane Scott, is the daughter by Kim during the relationship with Eric Harterr. The child from the biological point of view has nothing to do with Eminem, but, given that during the Whitney’s childhood years, Kim and Marshall had come back together enough to remarry, Eminem decided to adopt Whitney, now his daughter in effect . The “daughter” of the smallest rapper today 12 years and attends middle school in Detroit. She lives with her mother and little brother Kim Parker, except to see her father every week.