Genelle Seldon is a beautiful web influencer and social network star

Genelle Seldon is a rising beautiful model with an huge following on social network. She lives in Michigan, US, and is very famous mainly on YouTube thanks to a very popular channel. She has gained popularity there for her beauty, lifestyle, and fashion tutorials and vlogging entries.

Genelle Seldon


Genelle was born April 29, 1993 in Rochester, MI and so now she is 25 years old.


Genelle Seldon can boast more than 200 thousand followers on her Insta profile where she publishes daily amazing pictures of herself. She doesn’t hesitate to exalt her extraordinary beauty, often with beautiful natural landscapes, works of art, beaches and city landscapes.

Genelle Seldon


Genelle has an extraordinary body with measures of a true model. Here they are Height 5′ 5.0″; Bust 32.5; Waist 24″; Hips 34″; Shoes 6.5; Eyes Green and Hair Black.

Genelle Seldon


Genelle Seldon is also present on Depop, the famous website where the world’s creatives come to buy, sell and discover the most inspiring and unique things. Genelle sells her best clothes on Depop after using them for her photos on Instagram or for fashion shows.

Genelle Seldon

The Voice

In her beautiful videos, Genelle sings a lot and often performs in car karaoke sessions, where she and her friends sing famous songs by authors like Ariana Grande while driving, obviously in total safety. For this reason some think that sooner or later she will participate in the famous TV show The Voice.

Genelle Seldon


But Genelle is mainly known for her activity as a model. She is beautiful and shows off her curves in a wonderful way the parades. She had worked for MP Management.

Genelle Seldon


She is very popular also on Twitter where she enrolled in July 2009 and where she exalts her followers daily with very interesting posts that often promote her activity on YouTube.

Genelle Seldon


Genelle said she doesn’t classify herself as 100% vegan, but she practices veganism 90% of the time.  She loves so much eggs, so shejust started to looking for recipes for egg substitutes to incorporate into her breakfasts. She said: “searching for similar alternative is fun because you get to play a bit more in the kitchen!”

Genelle Seldon


Diet is number 1 for her over working out: habits will forever curse you over any workout you do. Starting on the inside clean & plant based helps her body stay in shape even on weeks she cannot workout. But when she does workout she does butt and abs always, and cardio once a week!

Genelle Seldon


Genelle was gifted a video camera when she was 15 and started making skits and videos from there. She graduated from Oakland University in 2015 with her bachelor’s degree in business administration. She has amassed more than 180,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and, for that reason, she can be considered as web influencer and as a social network star. She has served as a spokeswoman for the Alfa Romeo luxury car brand. Genelle grew up in Washington Charter Township alongside her two younger brothers. Her parents split when she was a teen. Genelle now lives in Detroit, but she is often in Ft. Myers, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. Her ethnicity is mostly Polish & French with a hint of Brazilian. She appeared in the movie Batman VS Superman as the international enslaved woman and the following TV commercials: Gardner White (2015) and CBS: Representing WholeFoods Market. She is also in the Music Video “Do You Wanna” Telegraf Female Lead Doug Oliver, Dir. She is present also on Facebook.