The most beautiful Formula 1 drivers’ girlfriends and wives

The Formula 1 drivers are very lucky men: besides driving beautiful cars and perceiving fabulous engagements, very often they are accompanied by fantastic women, obviously attracted by the engines and … for the rest you do. Very often these girls accompany the drivers at the grand prizes and are framed by the official cameras of the organization while they are in the pit boxes or hug their companions. In this article Speakers’ Corner summarizes the most beautiful Formula 1 drivers’ girlfriends and wives.

Minttu Virtanen (Kimi Raikkonen)

Minna-Mari “Minttu” Virtanen is a fitness and underwear model. She married Kimi Raikkonen after the GP of Hockenheim 2016. She is a former air hostess and is currently in school to become a personal trainer. She is passionate about sports, well-being, travelling, fashion and beauty. When flight attendant and a fitness model Minttu Virtanen, 27, was introduced to Kimi Räikkönen, 34, with a help of mutual friend last summer, the crush was immediate. It has been a fast-paced relationship; in November Minttu moved in with Kimi in Kaskisaari, Helsinki.

Minttu Raikkonen

Linda Morselli (Fernando Alonso)

Fernando Alonso has had many fantastic girlfriends, but with Linda Morselli finally seems to have given peace. Linda Morselli is a model who met Valentino Rossi during the 2008 San Marino GP when she was a grid girl. That was one of the girls holding umbrellas on the starting grid of the Grand Prix just before the start of hostilities. In 2006 Miss Eleganza was elected, thanks to the Miss Italia contest, while in 2011 she posed for SportWeek dreams, with photos by Settimio Benedusi. Recently they have also been very talked about the sensual shots at the intimate line of Elsa Pataky, where Linda has sent the audience into raptures smiling and throwing sensual kisses.

Linda Morselli

Amanda Sodré (Jos Verstappen)

Max and Jos Verstappen has always define themselves big fans of speed and cars, but this is not the truth: as is clear even during the live TV of the Formula One Grand Prixes, their two are constantly accompanied by beautiful girls. Amanda Sodré is a very hot model from São Paulo, but now living in Belgium. Max Verstappen’s father recently received news, especially with negative reports, but since his new job at Red Bull, the future looks rosy again for the Dutchman. Not only in the business area, the old driver seems to be able to handle the taste, but also in the relational spheres, Verstappen has received senior wings. In Monaco, the talented scout of Red Bull Racing appeared with a Brazilian clean on his side.

Amanda Sodré

Egle Ruskyte (Nico Hulkenberg)

Egle Ruskyte is the girlfriend of Nico Hulkenberg. The Formula 1 driver spent a long time with Laura Zinnel, but since 2015 he is happy with Egle, whom he has been living in France for a while. She designs summer dresses and fleece band towels. Ruskyte is not spotted very often in the pits: Hulkenberg tries to keep his flame clear.

Egle Ruskyte

Emilia Pikkarainen (Valtteri Bottas)

Emilia Pikkarainen, the Finnish Williams driver Valtteri Bottas‘ companion, is a swimming star. The athlete participated in the Olympic Games of 2008 at just 15 years and currently holds the national record for the 50 meters and 100 meters butterfly, 200 meter butterfly and 200 meters individual medley. Pikkarainen isn’t exactly a household name in the swimming world, but at 5′ 8″, 119 pounds that ass just defies logic. See, this is what’s great about the Olympics.

Emilia Pikkarainen

Marion Grosjean (Romain Grosjean)

Marion Jollès Grosjean is a French presenter and journalist. She is married since 27 June 2012 with the Franco-Swiss car driver Romain Grosjean. In July 2010, she was elected by Formula 1 drivers “the most beautiful woman in the 2010 paddock“. On September 11, 2010 and September 17, 2011, she participated in the program Le Grand Concours des Animateurs (on TF1), a question-and-answer program organized for TV animators.

Marion Grosjean

Kelly Piquet (Daniil Kvyat)

Kelly was born in Germany but spent most of her childhood in southern France. At age 12, she moved to Brazil where she lived until age 15, when she returned to France, and lived another year before moving on to England to study in an inner school. At the age of 17, she returned to Brazil to take her last year of high school. After graduating, she attended college at Marymount Manhattan College in New York, where she remained for six years. She graduated in International Relations with an emphasis on political science and economics. During college she graduated in fashion and decided to continue in the industry. She worked in Vogue Latin America, Bergdorf Goodman, KCD (press agency), among others, in addition to being columnist of the magazine Marie Claire. She speaks fluent native English, French and Portuguese. For three months, she did volunteer work teaching English in Tanzania.

Kelly Piquet

Vivian Sibold (Nico Rosberg)

Married for two years, after a long engagement, the Mercedes driver Rosberg Nick and model Vivian Sibold, are one of the most glamorous couples the race track. Vivian, who is an interior designer, also operates an ice cream parlor in Ibiza called “Live’s Creamery.”

Vivian Sibold

Raffaella Bassi (Felipe Massa)

elipe Massa and Raffaela Bassi married in December 2007 in the church Nossa Senhora do Brasil, the most chic of the residential area of Jardins in Sao Paulo. 34-year-old Anna Raffaela Bassi aka Raffaela Massa was born in Brazil in 1978, she met her hubby at a club in 2002, Massa’s friend was dating a girl who was friends with Raffaella and she introduced them.

Vivian Sibold