Fernanda Colombo Uliana, the sexiest referee in the world

In Spain, the popular daily Marca, has launched a campaign in favor of Fernanda Colombo Uliana, Brazilian 27years, the the world’s sexiest referee. The Spanish portal is pressing the Iberian football league to make refereeing matches of Liga to the blonde from the smile that lights up the faces of the players. For the moment the beautiful Fernanda Colombo Uliana worked as an assistant referee in the first Brazilian division and is becoming increasingly popular. In Brazil they say that the girl goes there because she is good, and not because it is a beautiful woman.

In Spain claim that a red card, accompanied by a disarming smile like this, would serve to calm the spirits. Fernanda recently has also been licensed by FIFA but fame does not interest her. So television and fashion agencies have tried to recruit her as did the catwalk but she does not feel a phenomenon and chose the passion for football. “There is no difference between men and women when addressing this sport passionately. E and when I learned that you had to pass an exam to become a referee I did was to put into practice what I dreamed for a long time.”

Fernanda refereed the game of Brazil Cup between St. Paul and the CRB, while in the maximum carioca series she debuted at the derby between Cruzeiro and the Atletico Mineiro. Do you like Fernanda? Then follow her on Facebook and watch our sexy gallery.