Faye Kingslee is Faith Connors in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Faye Kingslee is an actress who has appeared several times in video games: as the voice of the iconic character of Faith Connors in the video game from Electronic Arts and DICE Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and will star as Professor Ellen Anders in Halo Wars 2, which release is scheduled for 2017. Moreover, even physically she is much like Faith, as you can see for yourself from the photo gallery that we have prepared for you.

Faye Kingslee was born in Western Australia, but migrated over to Borneo when she was one. Her father is Chinese and mother is Irish. She has lived in Perth, Melbourne, Kuching, Miri, Singapore, New York and lives in Los Angeles. She attended acting classes at the NYU Tisch Asia campus in Singapore.

She won the Grand Prize Winner in a Transit Flicks Video Contest entitled “The Heartbeat of LA” which she wrote, produced and acted in. She also produced “Group Ethos” which came in 2nd place for the Producers Guild Of America Debra Hill Shorts Contest.

In the movies she played the character of Natalie in Kill Box and of the Timekeeper Jean in In Time. In the TV series Legends of Tomorrow she starred The Pilgrim. Faye Kingslee landend her voice to another character seen in a videogame, Citra Talugmai in Far Cry 3, released in 2012 by Ubisoft.