Emily Sears is a stunning Australian model

Emily Sears is an Australian model living in Los Angeles. A star on Instagram, with over 3 million and 800 thousand followers. She’s blonde and with a breathtaking body. Tired of risqué messages has decided to send photos to girlfriends fans.

Her popularity has caused an unpleasant inconvenience. As reported by the Mirror, the 31 year old blonde gets every day from various fans and followers photos of their sexual organs. Shots sent to draw attention to the model. Obviously Emily went on a rampage and responded to some: “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, do you want to ruin your weekend?”

The supporters of the excuses are not lacking: “I know that I should not send it to you but the truth is that I like you a lot.” Despite the model’s response, the photos have continued to arrive. So the wearer is playing a counterattack. “I sent the obscene photos to their respective girlfriends of my followers” revealed Emily. In one of the women she wrote: “I’m so sorry to have to tell your boyfriend sends photos of his genitals to the models on Instagram. I’m telling you because I think that women should form an alliance and why you deserve better treatment than this.”

Emily Sears is now one of the most famous and most searched after models on the internet and on social networks. Her Instagram profile is spectacular, which is why we advise you not to lose it.