Elisa De Panicis, from Italy the new Cristiano Ronaldo’s love

After Raffaella Fico another Italian girl would win the hearts of Cristiano Ronaldo. And if Raffaella Fico circulated the urban legend that the girl would have sold (at a high price) virginity just to CR7, also the story between Elisa and Cristiano is mysterious.

What is certain is that the Milan model few days ago was on board the yacht of the Portuguese champion along with other girls. Elisa De Panicis is italian but live in Spain.

Elisa took part in the Iberian reality Supervivientes (the local version of The Island of the Famous) and in all probability thanks to Spanish TV she was spotted by Ronaldo.

Elisa was also one of the protagonist of the italian TV show Uomini & Donne, very popular in Italy. For several people there is no doubt that being in the good graces of one of the most desired men on the planet is good for your mood and self-esteem. And if the relationship becomes something more will be only the facts to say and summer could turn Elisa test in a considerable upgrade from suitors to WAG.

You can follow Elisa De Panicis also in the social networks, where there are also sexy pics different from the pics in our sexy gallery. Elisa is on Facebook and on Instagram.