Eleonora Abbagnato is the sexiest Étoile at the Paris Opera Ballet

Eleonora Abbagnato debuted on television at 11 years, dancing in a live program. At age 12 she moved to Monte Carlo, where she studied in the school of Marika Bresobrasova, and the same year she won the DanzaEuropa.

At 13 she is on tour between Marseille and Paris with Sleeping Beauty by Roland Petit (in the role of Aurora as a child). So she is admitted, after a private audition, at the École de Danse of the Opéra de Paris on a scholarship.

In 1996, just come of age, she graduated and joined the corps de ballet of the Opera, where she expresses her career: Coryphée in ’99, Sujet in 2000, Premiere Danseuse in 2001 and Étoile from 28 March 2013.

In 2001 participates in the video dance Little Scare by Benjamin Diamond music along with French dancer Jéremie Belingard. In 2007 she made her debut as an actress in a italian comedian movie. In the same year also she participates as a dancer for one night at the fourth episode of the fourth edition of the reality show Dancing with the Stars and is starring in an episode of MTV’s Witness. She is part of the Quality Jury’s “Champions” at the Sanremo Festival 2008.

February 18, 2009, alongside Paul Bonolis to run the second night of the Sanremo Festival, with Luca Laurenti and the Israeli model Nir Lavi. In November 2009, is published by Rizzoli her autobiography.

In December 2012 posing for the photographer Massimo Gatti in the book totally dedicated to her by the publisher Skira. The book arrived also in Los Angeles on February 17 at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

In February 2013 she was again a member of the Jury of Quality at the Sanremo Festival. She is married with ex-soccer player Federico Balzaretti.