Elena Romanova

Elena Romanova

Elena Romanova is a wonderful model half Russian half Ukrainian, who now resides in Los Angeles.

She won the fitness competition WBFF Pro, that is World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc., a company concentrated on style and staying in shape. Another participant in the competition was Tahlia Christou.

Elena lives and models in the United States, but she was born in Melitopol, Ukraine.

Her childhood was filled with scholarly studies; she spent time reading and learning about psychology and philosophy. She attended high school in Russia.

Elena started modeling in 2009 though she did not pursue this profession. She shares. She never wanted to model, but a photographer friend of her insisted on taking photos of her and then created a ModelMayhem profile for her.

Elena has booked a bunch of modeling gigs. She’s landed many magazine covers and modeled in the K&N calendar

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