Elena D’Amario is the hot principal dancer of Parsons Dance

In recent days gossip magazines are insistently talking about Elena D’Amario: of course for her immense beauty, but also for the alleged affair with Stefano De Martino, former Belen partner. She is currently principal dancer of the famous Parsons Dance Company, a contemporary dance company founded by choreographer David Parsons in 1987 with headquarters in New York.

The company has ten regular dancers: Elena D’Amario, Billy Smith, Abby Silva, Miquel Quinones III, Julie Blume, Melissa Ullom, Sarah Braverman, John Corsa, Eric Bourne, Zac Hammer and Steven Vaughn. The Parsons Dance Company has a repertoire of seventy productions, twenty of which were generated on original compositions by musicians such as Dave Matthews, Michael Gordon and Milton Nascimento. Parsons Dance Company has collaborated with many artists, including Julie Taymor, William Ivey Long, Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan and Alex Katz.

Elena debuted on television in 2008 when she participated in a reallity show dedicated to dancing. She won that program with the the pop team. Later it became part of the ninth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi, strongly supported by the choreographer Steve La Chance. This is one of the most famous talent show in Italy. In one of the episodes she had the honor of dancing with two members of the Parsons Dance Company, and David Parsons, its founder, decided to make her become a part of his company, where she is still the principal dancer. Having been part of the company had to move to New York, and began a tour around the world. In 2015, she returned temporarily in Italy, becoming part of professionals of the TV show that gave her success.

You can follow Elena also on Facebook, where you can find a lot of sexy pictures like these.