Ekaterina Sergeeva

Ekaterina Sergeeva

Ekaterina Sergeeva is a wonderful very famous model on Instagram, where she is well known as katrin_freud. She has been Playmate 2018 playboy, lives in Dubai and she is from Moscow, Russia. She works for OPSIME Production Center, as for other amazing models such as Sitora Banu, Alena Mills, and Alina Lobacheva.

Ekaterina has a body full of curves and a face of a fatal woman. Born in Moscow, she spends long periods in Dubai.

A female with feline eyes, fruity lips, 100% exuberant and desirable …

Her motto è: “Your love is my drug”.

She loves being followed on social networks and being appreciated for her incredible body. For this reason, in fact, continues to publish beautiful photos of herself, one a day

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