Denise Rocha, the CPI Hurricane is one of the most famous models in Brazil (60 hot pics!)

Denise Rocha was born as Denise Leitão Rocha on December 5, 1983, Brasília, Federal District, and she is a Brazilian model, lawyer, and a former parliamentary adviser.

She is beautiful and has a decisively bulky body. She is one of the most famous models in Brazil, and not only.

The model, which became known as the CPI Hurricane, showed its thin waist in a series of photos published on her Instagram profile. “Perfect day,” she said in photo caption. Denise’s new shape is the result of a treatment she has been undergoing for eight months. It includes 26 tablets of vitamins and specialized formulas, supplements of Whey Protein, BCA and diet.

She counts more than 400 thousands of followers on Instagram and she has also a nice Facebook profile.

This time, the anabolic and hormone that the CPI Hurricane has taken since adolescence, when it was used without medical monitoring, are not included. The way she consumed them, without expert advice, is the great regret that Denise brings with her.

She is best known for coming in second place on the A Fazenda 6, a reality show broadcast by Rede Record in 2013. A Fazenda is the Brazilian version of the reality series The Farm.

After 100 days of confinement, Denise was runner-up to Bárbara Evans who won season six of that reality show, with 54.87% of the vote and who took home the grand prize of 2 million reais. Denise Rocha’s second-place finish, with 41.28%.

Denise worked until January 2011 at the office of a Federal senator. Her task was to monitor the progress of the committees coordinated by Senator Nogueira, such as the Parliamentary Enquiry Commission (CPI) for the Cachoeira case.

Denise became the center of attention in Congress after the leak of a video that shows her having sex with a man, a video made six years earlier.

Lost the job, she decided to take advantage of her body to pay bills and attorneys, laying for several services with hot pictures.

She made the cover of Playboy Magazine in September 2012. She was also the muse of samba school Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel in 2013, during Brazilian Carnaval.

Enjoy the pictures!