Dasha Astafieva, real sex symbol from Ukraine

Dasha Astafieva is a girl who conquered the world with her magnetic looks and became a real sex symbol for the whole boundless Ukraine. Her name has long been associated with the magazine Playboy, however, breaking all the stereotypes, she proved that it can be of interest to a wider audience and in many other roles. She is “lit up” in the Ukrainian “American Idol“, released some killer hits with the band NikitA, and made her debut as a TV presenter. Today, her career steadily going up the hill. That is why it is interesting to see to what was her creative path and climbing to the heights of Ukrainian and world fame.

The future singer and model was born in a small town called Ordzhonikidze (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region). Her family was the most ordinary – her father worked at the local railway, and her mother worked in the greenhouse complex. As she remembers Dasha, at an early age, it was a typical “ugly duckling.” Her face was covered with an allergic rash, and proportions of the figure were forced to think about whether she eats well. Because of their featureless appearance and not the most exemplary standards of conduct she was an outcast at school. She disliked peers, and teachers often put her bad grades. Some of the changes in her life occurred only in her youth. During this period, the future model has been actively attend various circles and sections. Favorite hobby future pop divas Ukrainian steel tumbling, drawing, dancing and … weaving carpets. After school, Dasha filed documents in Dnepropetrovsk School of Culture, where she studied directing. In parallel with the training sessions she also actively attended vocal lessons. And in a short time such a dedication paid off. Arriving in Kiev at the beginning of 2000s, Dasha Astafieva very soon became acquainted with the famous Ukrainian producer Yuriy Nikitin. Their communication was delayed, and some time later, the recognized master of a young girl offered to participate in the upcoming project “Star Factory“.

Sensational TV show was a real breakthrough for Dasha. About comely beauty spoke all Ukraine. Very soon, the girl learned in other CIS countries. In 2008, she joined the group NikitA, presenting the audience a number of sexual and provocative images. Initially, the band was presented with only two participants, Astafieva Dasha and Julia Kavtaradze. However, later the group changed twice, and currently is a trio of singers: besides Dasha part of the project includes Anastasia Kumeyko and Julia Brichkovskuyu. In March 2009, Ukrainian viewers NikitA presented their debut album – “Machine“. At the same time the team appeared on the Ukrainian national selection for the contest “Eurovision“, but the band’s performance on it did not take place because of the participation of Dashi Astafieva in American TV show Girls Next Door. In 2011, together with her team she became the winner of the prize “Golden Gramophone”. This award is not the first major success of the team. the project received the award “Shoumaniya” in the category “Discovery of the Year” in the year 2008. A year later, Cosmopolitan magazine has put forward performers in first place in the ranking of “most stylish singers of Ukraine.” To date NikitA band recorded one studio album and is preparing to release a second album.

Outside the music industry since the earliest years Dasha was bright and full personality. Even at age 16, she took part in a beauty contest, which took place in Dnepropetrovsk. Since then, the girl has always cherished the dream of becoming a professional model. Becoming a party to the collective NikitA, she was noted in several erotic photo shoots for several men’s magazines. In April 2006, Astafieva was awarded the title “playmate of the month,” according to the magazine Playboy. In 2008, the founder of the legendary magazine Hugh Hefner invited Astafevu and NikitA together with a team to perform at a private party in Las Vegas. In addition to modeling career Dasha has repeatedly attempted to realize themselves in the role of presenter. Over the years, she performed as the lead in many Ukrainian TV channels, which led the program “Cinema” ( “Tonis” channel) and “Weather” (M1). In February 2010, Dasha surprised everyone, appeared before the audience in the form of a professional actress. Her short role in the film “Lovers in Kiev” has been noted by many experts and critics. After that Dasha Astafieva also performed a small role in the film “What’s going on man!” And “Island of luck.”

Dasha Astafieva’s first serious love affaire Dasha Astafieva happened at school when she was seventeen years old. According to the singer, the relationship with the guy lasted more than seven years, but in the end, broke out of a desire to control Dasha elect any of her steps. After, the girl became known and popular rumors about the various novels and intrigue models began to appear in the media with enviable regularity. So, she attributed the affair with producer Yuriy Nikitin, as well as the well-known Russian actor Igor Wernicke which the singer performed at the “Zirka + zirka” project. However, both of these messages eventually proved groundless.

The next “chosen one media” model has become a well-known ladies’ man Hugh Hefner, which Dasha often appeared together in public, and which are often publicly acknowledged in love. But, like all the previous rumors, such reports have not received any real confirmation.