Daniela Katzenberger is an hot German reality TV personality

Renowned to a broader public, Daniela Katzenberger gained her co-operation in various reality formats and docu-soaps, after having previously applied to the online casting agency TV Gesichter. In the VOX program, broadcast on and off with Katzenberger on April 12, 2009, she was accompanied by the camera on her trip to the United States where she tried to get to know Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. The attempt to get an internship at Hooters’ restaurant chain failed.

A medial-themed trademark were their shaved eyebrows, which were later on corrected by means of permanent make-up at the beginning. From January 2010, Katzenberger was featured in a VOX docu-soap. The format Goodbye Deutschland! Die Auswanderer showed how Katzenberger set up the “Café Katzenberger” in Santa Ponça, Mallorca, together with the restaurateur Martin Koslik, and opened it on 6 June 2010. The official opening was presented in a special broadcast, which reached the best value on this radio station since the start of the TV series with up to 2.29 million viewers and a market share of 11.3 per cent in the target group 14 to 49 years.

From September 21, 2010, Katzenberger got her own docusoap on VOX under the title Daniela Katzenberger – natürlich blond, in the framework of which she sang in the second season under the motto “Cat seeking cat” in a casting together with Constanze Rick and producer Bernd Schumacher sought a successor. In 2010, she was hired by the telephone exchange service 118000 for TV and radio spots as well as online advertisements. In 2010, Daniela Katzenberger was among the most popular searches on Google Germany, ranked # 3 of the most popular people, ranked # 8 of the most popular news, and ranked 10 of the most popular images.

On April 21, 2015, it was announced that Daniela Katzenberger would switch to the RTL II station because VOX had come to the conclusion. As a result, Katzenberger also changed the production company and will produce future formats with Endemol Germany. There are plans for Katzenberger’s pregnancy and the search for a new apartment. At the end of the second season of her reality show she married her fiance Lucas Cordalis on 4 June 2016. The wedding was broadcast live on RTL II and moderated by Jana Ina and her husband Giovanni Zarrella. A total of 2.59 million people attended the live wedding, which corresponded to a market share of 10.2 percent, of which 1.30 million were 14- to 49-year-olds. In the advertising target group, the market share was thus 15.3 percent and was the clear winner in the prime time. Furthermore, in 2016 no other show succeeded in attracting so many young viewers at RTL II in front of the TV.