Dana Borisova, hackers steal private pics of a famous TV presenter

Hackers strike again, not only the intimate Diletta Leotta photos, those of Pippa Middleton and that of the passport of Michelle Obama, now on the web end up even photos of Dana Borisova, a famous Russian conductor.

In the last hours the hackers are attacking mobile phones, computers and websites around the world. After Italy, United Kingdom and United States, it is the turn of Russia. Dana Borisova, a former Playboy model and famous TV host of the show Military Journal, has publicly denounced what happened.

The hackers deleted emails that contained photos of her marriage, then, after having had access to her personal account and her archive, have published her very private shots. Dana Borisova argues that behind the theft of compromising photos for her career there is her ex-husband, Andrey Tishchenko. The Russian conductor believes that the man wanted to take revenge by hitting the new life and image of her.

Born in a small town in Belarus, her family live from Norylsk while Dana was only a few years. Dana’s father for a long time was used in the Russian police (Militsia), and her mother worked as a nurse. When Dana was three years old she had a sister whom she loved to read children’s books. Dana loves music especially playing the piano. As a teenager she won a competition for television studies, journalism and radio; this is how her career began.