Courtney Hope is the new Sally Spectra in The Bold And The Beautiful

Courtney Hope is currently seen as Sally Spectra on The Bold And The Beautiful. She was born August 15, 1989 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Courtney is also known as ‘Beth Wilder’ in the hit video game and embedded TV show Quantum Break, by Microsoft Studios (Xbox One) and Remedy Entertainment. She also filmed Allegiant (the Divergent Series) this past Summer in Atlanta, is a lead in the Indie Film, Displacement which won the Best Sci-Fi Movie at the Hollywood Film Festival this year. She is also in Season 3 of the hit TV show, Transparent.

Courtney Hope

The Bold And The Beautiful soap lovers know that the plot often tends to repeat itself. Brooke has married Ridge countless times, Wyatt and Liam always fall in love with the same woman and Bill ends up betraying Katie cyclically.

Spectators will have to prepare for another ‘return’: that of Sally Spectra. The authors intend to create new intrigues forcing Forrester to compete with another fashion house.

Let’s remember that the historical character played by Darlene Conley has never died. When the actress disappeared, the soap writers refused to replace her with another actress. The most beloved character was described traveling to the south of France, surrounded by young adults. Sally Spectra will not be Stephanie Forrester‘s friend-enemy, but the homonymous sister-in-law.

Courtney Hope and Darlene Conley

Courtney Hope and Darlene Conley

Sally Spectra’s character will be played by actress Courtney Hope. The young man will explain that she is the stylist’s great-granddaughter and be raised with grandmother Shirley – Spectra’s sister – played by Patrika Darbo. Along with the two, Saul’s grandson starred by actor Alex Wyse will also arrive, and there will be Darlita (Danube Hermosillo) who seems to want to re-feature Darla’s character. With them, actor Mick Cain, who played the son of Sally Spectra, C.J. The ‘Spectra Gang’ will try to climb into power. C.J. will refuse to sell to Bill Spencer the building where Spectra Fashion once stood and entrust it to his family.