Conchita Wurst, the bearded transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth, better known by the pseudonym of drag queen Conchita Wurst (Gmunden, November 6, 1988), is an Austrian singer. Conchita Wurst represented Austria and has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the song Rise Like a Phoenix. Thomas Neuwirth uses female pronouns to describe himself when he’s playing the role of Conchita Wurst.

Thomas Neuwirth was born in Gmunden, Austria 6 November 1988. Prior to disguise himself, he performed as a man with his real name for a few years and as a solo artist and as part of a band.

In 2011 creates the character of a drag queen, and uses the pseudonym Conchita Wurst. The stage name that has been given a precise meaning: in Germany and Austria, as he himself said, the word wurst is used in place of the expression I do not care about anything; in an interview he said that uses this expression in relation to the fact that a person does not care where it comes from or what his appearance. The name Conchita, by contrast, has been suggested by Cuban friend, as a sexy name. Even the British pop star Elton John has turned compliment to the character after his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen.

From November 2015 to March 2016 his portrait was exhibited at MoMA in New York as part of the exhibition entitled “Ocean of images”, an event dedicated to photos pioneering.