Claudia Guarnieri: before excluded from Miss Italia, after Instagram star

Claudia Guarnieri in 2016 was excluded from Miss Italia, where she had also been selected among the 40 finalists, for some of her sexy shots dating back to the previous year. Claudia Guarnieri is a beauty queen made in Milan.

Claudia Guarnieri

Subsequently, Claudia Guarnieri became an Instagram star and today she has an impressive following with more than 500 thousand followers. On the social network of images, it is a real celebrity thanks to her hot shots.

Claudia Guarnieri

Claudia Guarnieri has always been a great fan of Juventus and now that Cristiano Ronaldo has landed in Turin, the model has found a new idol …

Claudia Guarnieri

Her success on Instagram is disruptive, and her elegant and sexy photos have become a real point of reference for many other models.

Claudia Guarnieri


Claudia Guarnieri was born on November 30.

Claudia Guarnieri


Height: 175

Bust: 81

Waist: 63

Hips: 88

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Claudia Guarnieri


She participated in the Ready to Wear – Spring/Summer 2012 {Paola Frani} Fashion Show and was a testimonial for the advertisers Bershka and Close.

Claudia Guarnieri


She now resides in the United Kingdom

Claudia Guarnieri


Claudia worked with the Imb Models London and Milan representing agencies.

Claudia Guarnieri

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Claudia Guarnieri

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Claudia Guarnieri


Claudia is a phenomenon on Instagram with over 500,000 followers.