Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly is 20 years old, wonderful lips and a breathtaking body, Cindy Kimberly is one of the most requested models of the moment.

Coming to the fore thanks to a social post by Justin Bieber, the sexy and charming Dutch model, half Spanish, is very popular on the web: 4.8 million followers on her Instagram profile.

All crazy about Cindy, the model who has struck Bieber, with the past as a babysitter.

Cindy Kimberly is from Costa Blanca, Spain. She has had a long-term relationship with model Neels Visser. She gained fame after Justin Bieber posted a photo of her on his feed and asked: “Omg who is this!!!” She went on to become a model, appearing on the cover of GQ Spain in 2018. For GQ Spain she created a really sexy photoshoot.

Cindy is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram with about 5 million followers. She is signed with Uno modeling Agency. Dylan O’Brien is her celebrity crush. She has a cat that apparently features in her Instagram posts.

She was born on November 16, 1998, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. So she is 20 years old.

The story of Cindy Kimberly plastic surgery is one of the most famous stories which rose to the great heights of popularity without taking any considerable time and struggle.

Her lips are the most attractive features of her face. It is a common perception that she had used lips fillers which are also commonly known as lip injections

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