Christina Bertevello

Christina Bertevello

Christina Bertevello soon became known as a model and fashion blogger, so as to have well over 500,000 followers on Instagram and be sponsored by major brands such as Badoo, Fittea, Ligier Microcar, Chupa Chups, Adidas and Womensbest, thanks to her indisputable beauty and intelligence and her enviable physique.

Also, her YouTube channel opened at the beginning of 2014, had great success, with the remarkable result of over 10.000 subscribers. Her most famous and successful video is the parody of Jek Benetti, which has far exceeded 300,000 views.

Shee also has an Ask profile with over 10 million likes.

He has several tattoos, but the most beautiful and appreciated by her fans is what she has on her left shoulder and which depicts a rose.

It is usual to dye your hair in various colors, such as gray, blue, red and green and has made several tutorials to make the gray color to your hair like hers.

She has a profile on Depop where she sells her clothes that she no longer uses.

She is currently engaged to Danilo D’Agostino, an Italian model with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. They live together between Milan and Rome.

She has created a tutorial to make super colored hair like hers, which changes once every one / two months

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