Chelsey Weimar, here is the new Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend

The latest conquest for dear Leo is a true angel: she is called Chelsey Weimar and is Dutch, scarcely 19 years, less than half of him, who is 41. She is a model and a new star of Victoria’s Secret.

If it were not for Leo DiCaprio, him and his talent, he and his charm, he and … his girlfriends. Choices all along the same features: beautiful, models, will always resemble more, mind-boggling.

The Oscar-winning star has a penchant lately for the younger. And so here he is back on track. Dinner at Nobu Malubu, local chic and popular with the paparazzi, and soon rumors began to circulate. But to corroborate the evidence also many recent photos posted on Instagram by the same Chelsey taken in Leo’s house.

And despite “The Wolf” seems looking for his women always on the same glossy covers, since Gisele Bundchen to Bar Refaeli to Erin Heatherton up to Toni Garn, certainly DiCaprio is still the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood and his profile skyrocketed after he won the Oscar for best actor for The Revenant. But there are many cards to play than to enamel and fashioned charm remained unchanged over time. Today, at 41 years, Jack Dawson in Titanic has a cachet that is about $ 25 million per film, it is a successful writer and ecologist who carries his battles on global warming. He is on the board of several environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund (Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation continues to collect million dollars to each event or charity gala) and recently bought an island off the coast of Belize, Caye Blackadore.