Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland

Caroline Vreeland is Singer, model and IT girl. She is Diana Vreeland’s great-granddaughter, very important signing of Harpers’ Bazaar and powerful editor-in-chief of Vogue America. Breast exploding and endless legs, let’s find out who is Caroline Vreeland.

This young woman with an illustrious surname seems to have become an icon of beauty almost involuntarily. In fact, while the magazines try to photograph her on the cover and the fashion brands contend her for campaigns and fashion shows, Caroline prefers to be considered above all a singer.

The Californian girl is not ashamed of her voluptuous forms and shows them with pride: the plus size breast and a certain boldness in showing her forms pushed someone to compare her to Emily Ratajkowski.

Style, love for fashion and “elegance as a refusal of the prescribed canons” unite Caroline with her great-grandmother, although it seems impossible that Diana Vreeland could have directly influenced her niece, since when she died her little Caroline only had two years.

Her looks do nothing but highlight the curvaceous figure: tight-fitting dresses, shorts, miniskirts, bodysuits, and low-cut sweaters are combined with boots or high-heeled shoes, like those of the 90s designed for his capsule collection in collaboration with Steve Madden.

But the fashion sirens have not charmed Caroline to the point of making her forget the music. From her first album, In Ruins, two singles have been made: Unbreakable Love, with almost 4,500 views on YouTube, and Blue Lips, in collaboration with the EDM collective Galactic Marvl

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