Carolina Dieckmann, a magnificent Brazilian actress

Carolina Dieckmann began her career working as a model to pass the test to work in the miniseries Sex Appeal (1993), which made her first character on TV, “Claudia”. In 1994, she won her first major role in novels such as sweet and naive Azucena in Tropicaliente. In 1995, she joined the first cast of the teen Malhação series, in which she played Juliana, a rebellious teenager.

In 2000, Carolina had much emphasis on Laços de Família, by Manoel Carlos, where she played Camila character involved in major conflicts and discovers have leukemia. During the novel, Carolina participated in an institutional campaign stimulating the marrow donation. For the campaign, it was used to great emotion of the scene where Camila, for being with hair loss due to chemotherapy, scrapes the head. On 2001 Carolina interpreted Maria, in Via Sacra, opposite Eduardo Moscovis, who played the role of Jesus. That same year she appeared in “As Proezas do Finado Zacarias”, an episode of the program Brava Gente.

In 2003 she interpreted “Edwiges” in Mulheres Apaixonadas, approaching the taboo of virginity until after adolescence. In 2004, played an important role in Senhora do Destino, as “Isabel” Tedesco / Lindalva. She made the novel Cobras & Lagartos by João Emanuel Carneiro in 2006, in which she played her first villain, “Leona”. In 2007, in Rio de Janeiro, the actress posed for the synthesis exhibition by the photographer Fernando Torquato. In the same year, Carolina Dieckmann sued Panic on TV !, the RedeTV !, and won the case. In the lawsuit, she claimed that had their privacy invaded when she was chased by Vesgo e Silvio. The comedians came to put a crane to catch the son of actress inside her apartment. The station’s “Scream” had to pay 35 thousand reais in compensation and was banned from making reference to the actress.

In 2008, Carolina returned novels as “Suzana,” one of the protagonists of the novel Três Irmãs by Antonio Calmon. In the novel, the actress played a surfer with loving and very fragile emotionally problems, but with a strong character and clear moral values. In 2010, she played Diana, a journalism student, in Passione novel. In 2011, she returned to novels making ambitious Theodora in Fina Estampa by Aguinaldo Silva. In 2012, she joined the cast of the novel Salve Jorge. In 2013, she played Iolanda on Joia Rara. In 2015 interprets Lara in A Regra do Jogo by João Emanuel Carneiro, the plot is about a romantic couple with actor Marco Pigossi.