Brittany Murphy: the memory of a beautiful actress

Throughout her career Brittany Murphy has played several passionate roles and starred in various action movies; the last for which she worked, the thriller Something Wicked, was released posthumously in 2014. Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta under the name Brittany Anne Bertolotti, from American mother of Irish descent and Eastern European, Sharon Murphy, and American father of Italian descent, Angelo Bertolotti.

Her parents divorced when she was 2 years old and Brittany went to live with her mother, later changing her name to Brittany Anne Murphy. Initially she lived in Edison, New Jersey, and then in Burbank, California. At age nine she took part, with a singer, in the musical Les Misérables, and at the age of thirteen years had already been joined by a manager. Her first job in Hollywood at the age of fourteen saw her as interpreter, as the protagonist, in Drexell’s Class. In addition, at the beginning of the nineties, she was the leader of the band Blessed Soul.

She later participated in several movies, including Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, Clueless and Uptown Girls; as well as several television appearances, starting with Sister, Sister to the voice actress role in the cartoon King of the Hill. Since 2005 she has been testimonial of Jordache jeans. She appeared in the music video of A little respect of Wheatus (2001) and later the video Closest Thing to Heaven by Tears for Fears. In 2006 she recorded the song Faster Kill Pussycat along with the disc jockey Paul Oakenfold. In January 2004 she is engaged to producer Jeff Kwatinetz, but in August the two broke off their relationship. In December 2005, she is engaged to Joe Macaluso drummer with whom she has left nine months later, in August.

Her sudden weight loss and the various transformations over the years have raised various speculations about the eating disorder problems and cocaine addiction that would have involved. At the time the actress challenged this statement.

On 12 April 2007 she married screenwriter Simon Monjack with whom she remained until her death, which occurred two years later.

Brittany Murphy died at the age of 32, December 20, 2009, due to a cardiac arrest. According to sources it was the mother to find her unconscious in the bathtub of the Los Angeles headed home to her husband. After a 911 call paramedics rushed to the scene tried to revive her, but arrived at the hospital Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest. To spread the news was the broadcaster E! via an online article.

Since the discovery of numerous traces of vomit on the place of death, investigators spoke of “suspicious death” and Los Angeles police opened an investigation on the case. December 21, 2009 an autopsy was carried out as a result of which the coroner said she did not want to reveal anything about the causes of death before the final outcome of toxicology tests. After about a month and a half after her death, the results disclosed autopsy revealed that the cause of death of Brittany was pneumonia, which could be cured, aggravated by anemia and poisoning drugs. The May 23, 2010 at a distance of only five months, her husband Simon Monjack was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. The causes attributable to the two deaths were due to the presence of a particular mold that infested the house.