Bridget Malcolm

Bridget Malcolm

XXX arrives ahead of the David Jones Spring Summer 2017 Collections Launch at David Jones Elizabeth Street Store on August 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Bridget Malcolm supermodel launches a harsh attack on the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. The 25-year-old, who has been targeting the obsession for the perfect body in the catwalk world for several months, has published a blog post on her blog titled “Empowerment, Not Diminishment”. The girl accusing Victoria’s Secret of promoting “unhealthy beauty standards”.

In the post, published on October 16, Bridget remembers her participation in two previous editions of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (in New York in 2015 and in Paris in 2016) and lashes out against the lingerie company that rewards the models that “leave to die of hunger “.

“This time of year is an interesting one for me,” wrote the model. “It is the time of year that models begin to train very hard and eat significantly less. Restrictive diets are followed, and bodies scrutinized. Already thin girls seek to “tone up” just that little bit more – if it pays off, the work secured can be a career changer”

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