Bettina Zimmermann is one of the most beautiful model from Germany

After her acting studies in Hamburg, Bettina Zimmermann works as a model. In 1998 she began her acting career working for German TV productions on commercial channels such as RTL or Sat.1 and for public service broadcasters such as ZDF and ARD. Among the most interesting work includes participation in the film Lost City Raiders (2008) by Jean De Segonzac where she played the part of Joan Becker. In 2010 she also worked with Florian Baxmeyer for the making of the film The Spear of Destiny, where she played the part of Katharina Bertholdi.

Zimmermann is best known for her work in German television and film. While waiting for her big mainstream break, the actress has kept busy by providing the voice for the German dubs of Cars and Kung Fu Panda.

A few months ago, the child of Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger was born. Since then, we saw the two rarely in public. Now they appeared in Berlin at “99Fire Film Awards” on the red carpet and here they act in love as the first day.

In December, the first child of Spectacle pair Bettina Zimmermann (40) and Kai Wiesinger (49) is said to have seen the light of day. On the occasion of “99 Fire Film Awards” in Berlin the two since the birth came now for the first time together on a red carpet. And they could not leave each other’s fingers. The young seem to have the two more closely welded together and strengthened their love.

For a little over two years, the actors are a couple who live together with Wiesingers daughters from his marriage to the late 2013 with Chantal de Freitas and Zimmermann’s son in Berlin. Now they treated themselves actually a babysitter for the young and showed all waiting how much they love each other.