Barbara Serra is an Italian-British journalist

Barbara Serra is an Italian journalist born in Milan on 19 August 1974. After working in the newsroom of the BBC, Sky News and Five News, has become known as presenter of the London editors of Al Jazeera.

Barbara Serra grew up in Copenhagen and moved to London in 1993 where she studied international relations at the London School of Economics. In addition to Italian, she speaks Danish, English and French.

In 2000 she began a collaboration with the BBC, the Today program broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and is then used as a reporter for BBC London News.

In 2003 she was hired by Sky News and signing various international news services and the United Kingdom. Noteworthy are the services from Rome, during the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the Michael Jackson‘s lawsuit. Subsequently, in 2005, she rose to lead the newscast of Channel 5. By covering this role was the first presenter, not native English speakers, to conduct a TG.

Since 2007 contributes by Al Jazeera studies in London. For the Arab broadcaster she has conducted major investigations in Washington, from the Gaza Strip, Israel and the West Bank. She followed, again for Al Jazeera, the apostolic visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Holy Land as a journalist accredited by the papal delegation. It was the first time ever that a journalist of the aforesaid issuer has traveled with the Vatican authorities.

In Italy it is the commentator of Rai 3’s program TV Talk. She also conducted on the same network the TV program Cosmo. She won several journalism prize in Italy. You can also follow her on Facebook.