Anne De Paula

Anne De Paula

Anne De Paula is the sexy model of Sports Illustrated who has conquered the heart of Joel Embiid: admire her from our gallery, and the Sixers basketball player could … get angry!

Joel Embiid is one of the most entertaining basketball players on the NBA scene. The center of the Sixers makes a great use of social media, in which he tells his life and expresses his thoughts.

Just through social, some time ago, the Cameroonian basketball player had unveiled his love affair with Rihanna, who had refused him hard when he was a beginner.

Forgotten the pop star, in the heart of Joel Embiid is the beautiful Anne De Paula, a sexy South American model who posed several times for the Swimsuit catalog of ‘Sports Illustrated’. The two were caught several times together in the disco and also during the matches played by the Sixers in China.

Embiid is very jealous of his girlfriend, so much so as to have published an ‘ironic warning’ on Instagram that invites others to stay away from his girlfriend!

She was born 31 March 1994, so she is 24 years old. Anne De Paula is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and she works for Wilhelmina Models in New York. She’s also lived in Miami, Florida

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