Anita Herbert: take a look to this magnificient bodybuilder

Anita Herbert is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and online fitness coach. She has developed The FitQueen Triad: a proven method of losing weight quickly and easily!

Anita Herbert

It’s her goal to help women all over the world lose fat, supercharge their confidence, and transform their life!

Anita Herbert

Anita has also a wonderful Instagram profile where she often uses IGTV to exalt her wonderful and sexy body. She can boast a huge success on the social network with more than 1.6 million followers.

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She was born on December 29, 1989, in Hungary and now she lives in Miami, Florida. Born and raised in a small town near Budapest, Hungary, Anita wasn’t a fitness fanatic growing up. She never stepped foot into the gym in her early teens.

Anita Herbert


“Look Good Naked Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods ” is her goal as you can read on her official website where she dispenses all the tips for good nutrition and to maintain good health and where you can find all the courses online.

Anita Herbert


5’4″ (162.5cm)

Anita Herbert


115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)

Anita Herbert


By the age of 24, Anita had become bored of going out and drinking. It was when she entered a relationship with her future husband that encouraged her to begin her journey.

Anita Herbert


There is a brand new fitness app for you all and it’s finally on its way. You can download the app on this website. The app includes Daily Intense Workouts, Options for Home or Gym, Exercise Video Guides, Healthy Recipes, Private App Community and so much more! Other info is available on the official Anita Herbert Facebook page.

Anita Herbert


She prepared an 8-week transformation plan you can find on Facebook. It includes a fully customized diet, custom training plan, video guide, custom cardio plan, support through Facebook and more. She uses flexible dieting in her programs and once you sign up you will receive a questioner to fill out. The questionnaire will ask you some information about you, gender, weight, height, what foods you like and dislike, what’s your current diet, current body, whats your goal etc .. With this information, Anita will provide you a fully customized diet plan(based on your needs and food that you like) along with training and supplements.

Anita Herbert


She only started when she met her husband who supported her on her journey.

Anita Herbert

Fitness Models

Anita Herbert names Michelle Lewin as her idol. Other famous fitness models are Linn LowesStephanie MariePaige HathawayAnllela SagraSommer RayLuciana Del MarValentina LequeuxLais De LeónEriana BlancoHannah FergusonMaria DoroshinaLynnie MarieLauren DrainOlya Abramovich, and Ana Cheri.

Anita Herbert


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