Ania Gadea

Ania Gadea

Ania Gadea is a sensational Peruvian model who also posed for some shots of Playboy magazine. Today she lives in Mexico and she breaks into the world of music.

Ania Gadea was born on December 23, 1987. She first began posting modeling content to her Instagram in November of 2016.

In addition to her modeling, she is also a singer and has music available on several streaming services including Spotify.

Ania denounces her former partner, a 41-year-old businessman, for having practiced more than one abortion against her will. Ania assures that her public denunciation will allow her to show her rights to so many women who live what she has suffered but without speaking. According to Ania Gadea, her ex-partner Fernando Pérez Vallejo, with whom she had a relationship since December last year, caused abortion in May but decided not to report it. I was pregnant with twins, as shown in this ultrasound, at 6 weeks and 5 days of gestation.

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