Angelababy is the chinese version of Kim Kardashian

People call her the Chinese Kim Kardashian. But the model and actress Angelababy, in terms of expenses, exceeded by far the star of American reality show. Especially if we consider her marriage with the actor Huang Xiaoming, which was celebrated in Shanghai. The wedding is in fact costing 27 million euro (twice the Florentine marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West). A sensational ceremony, considered one of the events of the year in China. Some numbers? A wedding cake more than three meters high, a holographic castle and a custom gown by Dior. To witness the lavish ceremony, there were 2000 guests.

Angelababy and Huang Xiamoning they were already married, in private, about five months ago. That of 2015 was only the planetarium show that they offered to their fans. And not only, of course.

Angelababy’s stage name came from the combination of her English name “Angela” and her nickname “Baby, but her real name is Yang Ying and she was born 28 February 1989 in Shanghai, to a father from Hong Kong, who is of half Chinese and half German descent, and a Shanghainese mother from Shanghai. She was first signed as a model by Style International Management when she was 14 years old and, despite being an actual fashion model, she was also associated with the pseudo-model scene in Hong Kong and released several pseudo-model pictorial albums. She starred in the Japanese web drama Tweet Love Story in July 2010. In 2015, she became the product ambassador of Meitu phone in China.

According to some speculations, Angelababy, that from 2010 is famous in China because participates in many popular movies and Chinese soap opera, makes heavy use of cosmetic surgery to be more and more beautiful.