Ana Cheri: hottest pics of a beautiful fitness model

Ana Cheri is undoubtedly very good at getting selfies and to keep fit. Not for nothing is ambassador of Shredz. Through her Instagram profile you can admire her killer curves and as always we have been swallowed up into a space-time vortex DANGEROUS. With Ana we lost at least 4 diopters but has already made amends with this gallery with very hot pics.

Ana Cheri was born and raised in beautiful Southern California grown up in a family of all boys as you can read on her official website. Ana’s Native American, Mexican and Caucasian heritage lets her exotic features deliver diverse looks. As a model, fitness and health have become a huge part of her lifestyle so its only natural she has combined the two.

With the launch of her new gym Be More Athletics in Santa Ana, California and her recent debut in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, along with several NPC Bikini titles she holds, Ana Cheri is taking a strong hold on the fitness industry.

She is a true expert in health and fitness topics and she wrote e-books for men and women. You can follow her also on Facebook where you can find several other pics as those in our hot gallery.