Amira K

Amira K

Amira K is a 25 years old model originally from Oklahoma, today Maxim Star.

She knows and speaks fluently the languages ​​of the countries where she lived and she has a deep knowledge of ancient Chinese literature.

She loves belly dancing, she considers it a fun way to keep fit as well as specific physical exercise but when she can she prefers to spend time with her loved ones: it’s the best way to relax.

Amira said to prefer to live a REAL life and not spend too much time on the web. However, like everyone, she prefers positive reviews but she accepts suggestions on what to improve: she likes these comments because they show that there is a real interest.

Known as truemyracle on Instagram, she defines herself as a model and explorer.

She is Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and a bit Japanese. But above all, she is a sensational beauty

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