Alina Kabaeva is an hot Russian politician great supporter (and maybe more) of Vladimir Putin

Since 2007, Alina Kabaeva has been a State Duma deputy from the United Russia party. This Russian beauty was a most successful rhythmic gymnast. She is also one of the most decorated gymnasts in the history of rhythmic gymnastics with two Olympic medals, 14 world championship medals and 25 European championship medals.

In 1994, Alina Kabaeva arrives at the Moscow technical center directed by Irina Viner, accompanied by her mother who wants to know if the daughter can become a talent. Irina Viner soon as the note sees great possibilities, being for the first time combined into a single rhythmic gymnast of two large quality: back looseness and momentum capacity.

Participates in the Aeon Cup in Japan, in junior competitions in 1996 and 1997. Her debut was in 1998, when in Oporto won the European Championship and after the Goodwill Games in New York and the Aeon Cup. In 1999, still champion at the Budapest Europeans and world in Osaka. The following year, after a victory in Zaragoza, it will arrive a defeat to the Australian Olympic bronze only for an incredible platform outside the circle. The next year after the Europeans in Geneva, triumphs at Madrid’s world championship, overtaking fellow rival, Irina Cascina.

Before the Spanish world championship, in a race in Australia, Alina and Irina Cascina had a doping control test positive for a diuretic, furosemide. They are withdrawn all the medals of two Russian champions and world gold goes to Ukraine athlete Olga Erofeeva. The following year, Alina again won the European title in Granada. In 2003 still managed to win gold medal even at the world championship of September in Budapest, overcoming the big star of the moment, the Ukrainian Anna Bessonova, in one of the most controversial events in the history of rhythm gymnastics. The following year, still triumphs Europeans to Kiev and then won the Olympic gold in Athens.

Her career seems on the home straight, when she declares to retire, but the following year tried, unsuccessfully, to participate in the world championship of Baku is not convened by the team Irina Viner. Then she declares: “I come back to win”, but in 2006 lost the title of European champion, giving the scepter to compatriot Vera Sesina and contenting the place of honor.

Kabaeva is a character not only in sport. Alina is an icon in her country being a model, permanent presence in shows, starred in advertising campaigns. In Japan was also the protagonist of movies, DVD and posed for photo books as a model. Great supporter of Vladimir Putin, is often seen in her company: in fact, in 2007 she was elected in the State Duma for the United Russia party and some newspapers claim that the model has a romantic relationship with Putin. In Russia they have even dedicated a song; in late 2007 her coach Irina Viner announced the final withdrawal of Kabaeva from competition also stated that the gymnast had never fully recovered from an injury several years before.

In December 2009 she became the mother of a child, Dimitry, and in November 2012 a little girl: the authorship is attributed in both cases to the same Putin.