Ali Larter is the hot protagonist of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Ali Larter is known for its partecipations in film Varsity Blues and Final Destination, and for the role of Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss on the television series Heroes.

Born in New Jersey, after her studies Ali Larter started working as a model traveling the world and living for a period in Japan. Back in Los Angeles she studied acting. Her acting career began with small stakes in TV series such as Chicago Hope and Dawson’s Creek.

After an appearance in the TV show Dawson’s Creek, participated in 1999, always opposite James Van Der Beek, in Varsity Blues. Later she starred in Final Destination and gets a minor part in the 2003 sequel, and also participates in the comedy Legally Blonde.

Since 2006 she is one of the protagonists of the series Heroes, where she plays Niki Sanders, a woman with another personality, named Jessica Sanders, her deceased sister, who sometimes takes over, allowing her to use her superhuman strength. From the third season she plays Tracy Strauss, Niki’s twin sister, who has the power to manipulate the cold and ice and that can turn into water. In 2007 and 2010 works alongside Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife, the third and fourth chapters of the saga comes from the Resident Evil video game series where she plays Claire Redfield. She will be back in the next Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

In July 2009 she married her longtime boyfriend Hayes MacArthur. The ceremony was held in the parental home of him in Kennebunkport, Maine. December 20, 2010 was born their first son, Theodore Hayes MacArthur, and in January 2015 their second daughter Vivienne Margaret MacArthur.