Adrienne Koleszár, the sexiest cop in the world

Adrienne Koleszár, 31, a police officer in Dresden, Germany, has more than 111,000 followers on the social network thanks to its breathtaking body.

The real peculiarity of Adrienne Koleszár, German girl of 31 years who loves to sculpt her body in the gym, is that in private life is a police officer committed to addressing domestic violence cases, public brawls and road accidents in the city of Dresden.

Adrienne Koleszár

In the images published on the social networks, Adrienne shows her gym workouts and claims to have participated in several competitions of bodybulding, discipline practiced for about 14 years. 1 meter and 73 centimeters, Adrienne weighs 64 kg, go to the gym 5 times a week and trains with a 170 kg tool. However, she explains that the real turning point in her life occurred in 2014 when she decided to follow a strict diet made of genuine and balanced food. On her Facebook page, she writes not feeling perfect, but that the merit of her physical skills is due for 30% at constant physical activity and 70% of regular nutrition. Her favorite dish is the porridge of proteins, which are present in egg whites and oatmeal. “This kind of power – explains Adrienne – helps me keep the body toned. Every woman wants to have a hard ass.”

Policewoman sexiest in the world, engaged to a 28-year-old professional swimmer, hopes that her images will engage girls to love their body and follow a healthy diet, “I am the police and my job is very risky – emphasizes on Facebook -. Sometimes I have to handle situations where no one would want to happen. I’m human and I’m not perfect. But very much I love my life. ” When you take off the uniform, the Koleszár agent runs at the gym: “My superiors have no problem with the photos on social networks. Just do not exceed the limits of decency. I would like these images inspire women to work on their body and not men.” Meanwhile, however, many more followers and fans seem to be males who sent several messages to the cop.

You can see these sexy pics in our sexy gallery or in the Adrienne’s official account, Facebook and Instagram.