Thalia Aridana is the Queen of Latin America soap opera

Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, popularly known as Thalia, is a beautiful and charismatic woman from Mexico City, Mexico. She is an author, actress, businesswoman, songwriter and singer. She is married to Tommy Mottola. She has two kids with him and they have been married since 2000.

Thalia over the last decade has been  an influential figure in Latin America telenovelas and  Latin America pop music. She has won numerous awards has a singer and actress. She has been dubbed by many as the “Queen of Latin America soap opera“. She is a versatile woman who has branched into the fashion industry. She has also left an indelible mark in the fashion industry in Latin America.

Another interesting fact about her is that she is a polyglot. she has sang in several languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. Thalia is named after the Greek goddess of Muse, comedy and poetry. Some of Thalia associated acts include Paulina Rubio, they were together in Timbiriche, Maluma and her sister Laura Zapata, together in Maria Mercedes, a soap opera they both featured.

In 2016,  she was at the Tony awards. She was described as a “golden goddess”  as she graced the red carpet. Earlier this month, she was rumored dead. The news quickly ascertained as a complete hoax and false report. Though age 45 now, her influence in Latin American music and Soap Opera is not fading.