Sasha Obama is now a teenage smiling and sexy

A teenage girl smiling and happy: in a word, normal. Passed exams at school (which prevented her from attending the last Father’s speech Barack Obama as President) Sasha Obama, second daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, relaxes and entertains in Miami with friends. Bikini and shorts: a splendor! Little Sasha is blossoming like an orchid. She is the worthy heir of the beautiful mommy, and now that parents have left the White House / The White House, adolescence can enjoy freely. With the thoughtlessness of her wonderful years.

They had left the small Sasha at home, so immersed in the study to miss the farewell speech of Obama’s father. Now we find on the beach in Miami, with a blue bikini and an examination in more behind, to relax together with friends, for the first time by the former President’s daughter.

Sasha, the youngest of the Obamas, was the star of a little mystery in the evening of the farewell speech of Barack. Her absence from the stage had intrigued the Americans, who were unleashed in conjecture of various causes. A few hours later, it had to intervene the press office of the White House, who explained how Sasha had stayed home because the next morning she had to support a school exam.

“We try to make the lives of our daughters as normal as possible,” recently said Michelle, who had encouraged Sasha find a summer job. “Typically we try to keep them away from the limelight.”

Sasha Obama’s true name is Natasha Obama and she was born on June 10 2001 on Chicago. When the family lived in the Chicago, she and her older sister, Malia, attended private University of Chicago Laboratory School, until the family moved to Washington, D.C., where she began attending the private Sidwell Friends School.