Sara Vucelic, sexy companion of Neymar bomber

The relationship between Sara Vucelic, true name Soraja, and the attacker of Barcelona Neymar dates back to late October, but the shots that inflame the web are more recent. In very small black and white bikini and then topless, with her Junoesque forms Soraja Vucelic has attracted upon herself the attention of the patrons of the Puro Beach beach in the Montenegrin town of Tivat. More than on sunglasses designer Dolce & Gabbana glasses, the eye falls on the side B comparable to Indianara Carvalho, Miss Bumbum 2014 as the most beautiful ass in Brazil, and the irrepressible bosom of Neymar’s girlfriend.

Soraja Vucelic and Neymar would be known to Ibiza in the summer of 2014. That’s right at the end of October, the Serbs ‘Kurir‘ tabloid, closely followed by the British tabloids, had revealed the ‘madness’ of the Brazilian phenomenon: a private chartered jet phrases to reach Barcelona by the 28-year old Montenegrin model. Become famous in Serbia and Montenegro for participating local edition of Big Brother, Soraja Vucelic then posed nude in Playboy and CKM, and marched on different runways. Neymar, as gossip the Brazilian version of Mario Balotelli, not for nothing the two are friends, he remained bewitched. Easy to understand looking at the pictures of hot Soraja Vucelic, sexy companion of Neymar bomber.

You can follow Soraja Sara Vucelic also on Instagram, where she posts every day hot pics as those you can see in our sexy gallery below.