Nikki Reed, not just Twilight

Nikki Reed became famous in 2003 after the realization of the movie Thirteen, and has appeared in many films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini’s First Time. Also she plays Rosalie Hale in the film adaptation of the series of novels Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

In 2005 she participates in the video clip of Just Feel Better, in the version sung by the frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler with guitarist Carlos Santana. Building on the success of Thirteen are offered her other roles of young transgressive and sexually promiscuous teenagers, including Lords of Dogtown, directed by Catherine Hardwicke. In early 2006, she appears in The O.C. series, playing Sadie, a new love of Ryan Atwood. Reed points out not to agree with the description of itself as “trendy and shallow” that The O.C. promotes and emphasizes how the nature of her character has been modified from the manufacturers without her consent.

A distinctive role is played in Mini’s First Time, which received a limited release in the US in 2006. In the film, Reed plays a teenager who, through seduction, involves her stepfather in the killing of her mother. Reed has noted that her character does not “understand the weight of the consequences”, and liked playing someone who she describes as “stupid” and that the “trucker’s mouth.” The film received mixed reviews.

On 12 February 2008, it is announced its entry into the cast of the movie Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Before choosing to interpret Rosalie in Twilight, she was to play Victoria, one of the three evil vampires. But later she chose to be the blonde Rose because she thought that part of it suited the more. In 2009, again in the cast for the first sequel of the film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In the same year she starred in Chain Letter and in the TV series Privileged.

She continued also in 2010, again in the role of Rosalie, in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, in 2011 in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (for which is promoting, together with her colleague Jackson Rathbone, at the International Film Festival Rome 30 October 2011) and in 2012 with the last part, the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – part 2.

On October 16, 2011 she married singer Paul McDonald. At the end of March 2014 they announced their separation, while the official divorce comes on January 2, 2015. In summer of that year she began a relationship with actor Ian Somerhalder. In January 2015, soon after her divorce from her first husband, they will officially get engaged and 26 April 2015 the couple married in the mountains around Santa Monica.