Makiko Esumi, a superb writer and actress!

Makiko Esumi

Former Japanese model, Makiko Esumi is a writer, actress, lyricist, and essayist. Esumi was born in Izumo, Japan on the 18th of December 1966. She is famed for her role as Chinatsu Tsuboi in the Japanese television drama series Shomuni.

Esumi worked as a Miko at Izumo-Taisha, when she was a high school student. She signed with the Japan Tobacco Women’s Volleyball team after her graduation from high school. In 1989, she got injured while playing and decided to pursue a career in show business. While recovering in the hospital, Esumi was inspired to become a fashion model after watching singer and actress Miki Imai on television.

In 1995, Esumi stepped into fame for acting Yumiko in Maborosi, a film directed by HirokazuKoreeda. A man called Edward Guthmann from San Francisco Chronicle bequeathed praises on Esumi for her acting. He described it as “extraordinary” and also stated that she portrayed her role with “delicacy and physical grace”.

At the 38th Blue Ribbon Awards, Esumi won the Rookie of the Year Award. For her role in the 1995 film Maborosi, she also won the same at the 19th Annual Japan Academy Prize ceremony. For her role in Inochi, Esumi was nominated for the Best Actress Award in 2002. ‘One Way Drive’ is a single released by Esumi in 2000 featuring guitar work. The song was co-written and produced by Tomoyasu Hotei. She wrote a children’s book in 2005.

Esumi was in marriage with photographer Rowland Kirishima for eight months lasting from February to December 1996.  Seven years later, she remarried to Fuji television director Shin Hirano. She gave birth to her first daughter in 2005 and the second daughter in 2009. Esumi is distantly related to the Omiya Ardija’sgoalkeeper, Koji Ezumi.