Lindsey Pelas, the Instagram beautiful star

Bigger is not always better. This is the message of the model and star of Instagram, Lindsey Pelas whose bra size is a NATURAL Cup H. The blonde 24 year old from Louisiana, while proud of her silhouette ‘generously equipped’, said in a video for Cosmopolitan she has several difficulties in having such great abundance in the forms.

“You would think that having big boobs is incredible, but in fact there are some disadvantages to share with you,” says Lindsey Pelas. First of all, “Every time a super-equipped bends, must hold firm the ‘girls’, to not drop,” she says, before showing it live.

“Also, always you look vulgar in regular clothes. It can be a t-shirt, a floral dress, a wedding dress, a nightgown, whatever. When you’re busty, is it appear like a porn star. ”

Besides the obvious question that some dresses and tops do not fit on large breasts, Lindsey Pelas claims that the accessories can be problematic. “Do not ever wear a long necklace if you are busty. Should be deeply looking a keychain for nipples “… Not to mention the difficulty in closing the buttons of shirts …

As a fan of fitness, Lindsey Pelas has a serious problem with the ‘bounce‘: “No matter what you do, always bounce.” Lindsey also shares the horror of the “sweat”, in that it must also apply deodorant in breast gap. But the worst problem of all is easy to find a suitable bra. Obvious.

Lindsey Pelas admits that there are still positive aspects to having large breasts. Women with large breasts can hide almost everything in their “gap”, from phones to money to do tricks. For this reason, she calls it “The Mother Nature pocket”.

Lindsey Pelas is a super Model/Fitness Enthusiast genetically gifted, as she loves call herself. She is very popular on social networks, as Twitter and Facebook, but mainly Instagram where counts more than 4,4 millions of followers. There will be a reason!