Kellyanne Conway faces Ivanka Trump

Kellyanne Conway begins as an assistant in a study of lawyers in Washington, but it soon becomes clear that her passion is politics. Enters the Wirthlin Group, a polling firm, in 1995. Nine years later she is already considered the best on the square: she won the prize “Crystal Ball” for having predicted the results of the 2004 presidential encore of George W. Bush. Then another step: broadens her expertise and aims to be manager of election campaigns. Moves tacking the extreme border of the American right. Become a consultant before the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, managing the nomination in the primaries of 2012. Then comes close to Congressman Mike Pence, the Indiana governor who is now deputy for Donald Trump. Kellyanne bad start to 2016, focusing on Ted Cruz, the most unpopular senator on Capitol Hill. But the New York tycoon the fished in August and entrusts the leadership of the campaign in the final stage against Hillary Clinton. She was the campaign manager in the entire election trip of Donald Trump.

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Conway, married, four children, give the best of themselves on the ground that seems far away from her world: revelations about the past of Trump, sexist jokes. Not only holds up, but always resumes counterattack, impervious to all criticism, even the logic sometimes, even ready to deny the obvious: in the presidential debates in September and October, Trump was embarrassed by Hillary. But behind the scenes, Kellyanne repeated in front of all the cameras and all the handsets that, however, “had gone very well.” In the end it worked.

After the victory of November 8, Kellyanne continued to make the spokesperson  of ‘The Donald’, cultivating, though, the ambition to achieve an even more important position. She has also taken some risks. And she was, for example, to expose themselves publicly against the possibility to nominate Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, reporting and amplifying the discontent of an unspecified “electoral base.” In that passage she clashed with Reince Preibus, the new chief of staff at the White House and, above all, with Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump. But in the end the president has left home Romney and has instead promoted Conway will be the woman with the highest rank in the new administration. At least on paper. Then we must see what will happen with Ivanka. The new president wants her daughter covers the tasks of the “First Lady”.The Kellyanne-Ivanka dualism could complicate matters in the narrow space of Trump. But now Kellyanne Conway has been appointed Counselor to the President by President-elect Donald Trump.

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