Jennie Garth, do you remember her in Beverly Hills, 90210?

Younger sister of six brothers, Jennie Garth spent her childhood near a ranch in Illinois. At 13, she moved with her family to Phoenix, where she studied dance and later will begin to parade as a model. At age 17, during a show, she meets an agent that may want to embark on the road of the show and so, full of hope despite her young age, she began assiduously auditioning.

In 1989, after an appearance in the TV series Growing Pains, and after passing an audition for the role of Kelly Kapowsky in Bayside School, Jennie gets the real opportunity thanks to the Disney license plate series A Brand New Life, where for several episodes interprets Ericka McCray.

Not even a year passes when Aaron Spelling entrusts her for the role of Kelly Taylor in Beverly Hills, 90210, character she plays until the end of the series and has earned a Young Artist Awards. It seems that the actress who played Brenda, Shannen Doherty, both out of the cast because there were violent quarrels with Jennie. However, the plaintiffs have publicly made peace, after many years, before the shoot of 90210, a spin-off of Beverly Hills.

Jennie Particular success has also obtained thanks to the videotape to model the physical entitled Jennie Garth’s Body in Progress. She is made also notice in dramatic roles and demanding, as in the television movie My little woman, where she plays the true story of Laura Kellogg, accused of instigating some of her friends to kill her husband, guilty of having repeatedly beaten, tortured and harassed. She appeared also in Danielle Steel’s Star, where she played a girl named Crystal with a difficult past but that manages to establish itself as a singer and to find her true love.

Jennie has done some work for the cinema, we can find her in the Power 98, in which she starred alongside Eric Roberts, brother of the more famous Julia Roberts, and Flashpoint alongside James Brolin. Another television movie worth noting is An Unfinished Affair, one of the most erotic roles of the actress. Jennie Garth on the set she met her second husband Peter Facinelli.

Jennie appeared in the first three episodes of Melrose Place, and has directed two episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and voiced cartoons like American Dad, where is the voice of Trudy, and the animated film The Secret Life of Stewie Griffin, in which double herself. As well as Beverly Hills 90210, Garth has starred in movies and TV series, including What I like about you, where she plays the role of Valerie Tyler, older sister of Holly, the character starred by Amanda Bynes.

She came back to the role of Kelly Taylor in the third spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210, entitled 90210. Her character has had some space in the first series and one small in the second, then leaving the series in its third season. Kelly grew up in 90210, now is a woman struggling with her baby, had to Dylan, but Luke Perry in the series there isn’t, his character remained the usually unreliable man with a lot of problems and for this wanderer for world, and now Kelly is the guidance counselor of West Beverly. In the course of the series she will take care of her sister Silver, high school student and the protagonist of the series along with other key players, will face the death of her mother Jackie, and see again Brenda and Donna.

In 2005 she was in the first episode of Celebrity Poker Showdown series. In 2007 she took part in Dancing with the Stars program, reaching the semi-finals. In 2012, in the USA, comes the reality about her life Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country.