Hannah Glasby, special license to show her body on Instagram?

The model Hannah Glasby perhaps enjoys a special permit that gives her the right to post her nude photos on the social network Instagram. Nothing nipples, but the buttocks yes. Hannah Glasby on her page strictly covers the most intimate parts of the body to the exclusion of the buttocks, which puts on display in many photos on social networks. Maybe she has a special license (and why not, even poetic). Look at the pictures below.

Hannah Glasby was born on Brisbane, Australia, on december 1990. Her hair are blond and eyes blue. She is 5’9.5″ / 177CM. Hannah Glasby has a question mark tattooed on her right butt cheek. As you can read on Playboy.com she loves red wine and sushi, loves living in L.A. and spends most of her time reading, traveling, and Skyping with her mom, who lives back home in Australia.

Hannah was discovered in a modeling competition in her hometown mall, where she didn’t think she had a chance. “Here I was, 5’8” but haven’t grown into my bones yet, crooked teeth, never had dyed my hair, and was wearing clothes from Target,” she told LA Canvas. “I really wasn’t taking it that seriously, I was just trying to have fun and kept thinking about the ice cream I knew I was going to get afterwards.”

She wasn’t even that into modeling. She loved art “in every shape and form” but wasn’t that into having her photo taken. She’s clearly gotten over that. Since then, she’s been the face of Volcom and also appeared in ads for H&M, Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Nordstrom as well as on the covers of some Australian magazines.