Emma Stone is the hot main protagonist of La La Land

Emma Stone‘s interpretation in La La Land is of those who remain in the history of cinema. Not only she is beautiful, but she is also incredibly expressive, to the point that she is the main favorite for this year’s Oscar Award as Best Actress.

La La Land is a film about the two souls of Los Angeles and Hollywood: one linked to the multicultural integration and the one linked to the cinema and its tradition. The film is a tribute to the great masterpieces of the past such as West Side Story, Cabaret and Singin’ in the Rain. All told through music, which shows a love story in which the two protagonists are held back by economic difficulties and disappointments of a world that, unlike those described in the previous musicals, is no longer so dreamy.

The two protagonists are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have to draw on the past and tradition of Los Angeles, made of shootings and jazz, to find the courage to build a future worthy of the past. A such blast from the past is being proposed by the director Damien Chazelle, young despite the issues mentioned (he was born in 1985 in Providence), who had already delighted us with Whiplash. He uses music to tell emotions and feelings, and to make us relive the past.

It is the character played by Gosling, Sebastian, the most problematic, because here serves as the shoulder compared to the beautiful Emma Stone. We must find the courage and motivation despite the difficulties, despite a world less optimistic than in the past, compensate everything with our inner strength, to be able to return to the splendor of the era of musicals of yesteryear.

La La Land cites all of the past to modern musicals and declines them, fusing elements of the golden age of this kind of film with smartphones or electric cars. If the first part is dreamy and cheerful as it taught us the musical genre, the second is reflective, modern and complicated. It will find the courage of a single moment to permanently change the lives of the two protagonists.

The unusual beauty of actress Emma Stone makes her full of charm. Also, today is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood as evidenced by some of his interpretations, like that of The Help that was made her known to the world of film fans. She starred also in Easy A, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Croods, Gangster Squad, Birdman, Magic in the Moonlight, Irrational Man and Aloha. Here more info on her biography.