Chantel Zales, her heart beats for L.A. Lakers

Chantel Zales is a young American model of Mexican and Costa Rican origins who in the last year has become a real star of Instagram, which is followed by 4.3 million followers. On the popular photo social network Chantel Zales often publishes particularly eye-catching images, many of them wearing the shirt of the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA team of her city and of which Chantel is supporter.

That social networks have changed the world is well known. As it is not new that many popular people have achieved notoriety through the web. Singers, comedians, opinion makers, business leaders … Who has an idea, or simply something valuable to offer, is enhanced in less than no time. And ‘the case of Chantel Zales, which define simple model is least restrictive. The US, curvaceous blonde who makes every day a testimonial to many brands, has become a veritable icon of Instagram.

Photo on the social network bought by Facebook, Chantel has almost succeeded in the equally singular challenge to remain almost unknown “out” from the net. An enviable record? By envy, for many women, must be the forms of the beautiful Zales. Curves, on the other hand, make every day turn the head to many addicted users of themost popular pictures app in the world. Chantel has reached her goal, the magazines can wait. Even forever, basically.