Calista Flockhart is the wonderful Harrison Ford’s wife

Calista Flockhart named after her maternal grandmother Kallista; name from the clear Greek origin that means in greek, “beautiful“. Her mother, Kay, was a teacher; her father, Ronald, worked in a factory. She studied acting at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

In 2001 adopted a child, Liam. From 2002 she is romantically linked to actor Harrison Ford, who married June 15, 2010 in New Mexico. To formalize the union was the state governor, Bill Richardson.

After graduating, she worked in various theaters in the counties of Cleveland, Louisville, Chicago and Houston. After three years she comes to Broadway where she plays Laura in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, for which receives multiple nominations in several theater awards.

The most important role is Ally in the TV series Ally McBeal that will bring her to the fore not only at homeland but around the world. After the great success of Ally McBeal and some criticism for her line too long-limbed, Calista is back starring in television in 2006, wearing the clothes of Kitty Walker in the drama series Brothers & Sisters. Since 2015 she is in the cast of the sci-fi Supergirl series with the role of Cat Grant. Other hot actress in Supergirl are Melissa Benoist and Jenna Dewan.