Ayaka Ogawa, a love story with her historic rival

Ayaka Ogawa is the reporter for TV Asahi‘s “Hodo Station” that is aired Monday-Friday at 9:54 pm. Much has been talked about her on Japanese newspapers and media for alleged relationship with her historic rival, Sakurai Sho.

Sakurai Sho is the anchorman of NTV‘s “NEWS ZERO“: as the two programs overlap for 10 minutes in the 11:00 hour, Sakurai and Ogawa are considered “rivals”, but it seems they have cultivated romantic feelings for each other in their private time.

The two met through a mutual acquaintance and have been dating for about a year. Sakurai is an alumni of the prestigious Keio University, and his father is the former vice minister of internal affairs and communication. On the other hand, Ogawa’s father is the consultant for Keio University Hospital.

Ayaka Ogawa has also appeared on the movies, starring herself in the TV movie Senkyo Station, 2013, alongside Ichiro Furutachi. She was born February 20, 1985 and her height is 1,68 m. Hermore established colleagues as a radio/TV speaker are Megumi Aoyama, Hiroko Ichikawa, Yumiko Matsuo, Makiko Kato, Tomoko Kogo and Keiko Hisatomi.